Babel 17. Review (in English)

I read this book over the summer and, probably because I had just finished my degree in English, I have to say that it got me hooked.

The first thing I got to say about it is that it was a pleasant surprise beacuse I wasn’t expecting the linguistic themes dealt in the story, much less in relation to the genre of science fiction. At the same time, I could tell that the book was a early literary efford by the author as it lacked the complexity and deepness of more experienced authors, which might make some readers put down the book too soon. However, and precisely because of its apparent simplicity, it is a really pleaseable read, so I would recommend to give it a try: characters are well built and evolve trhoughout the story, and the plot developes within a smooth mix of action scenes and philosophical dialogues. It is precisely this aspect of the novel– the kind of question it wants to present the reader– what makes Babel 17 worthy and a classic read, specailly for those interested in linguistics and the Sapir-Whorf theories of relativism. Even if you have no background in linguistics, this book introduces some of its interesting notions and concepts, making it a really nice and entertaining first step into the field.
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