Kindred – Review (in English)

I love this book. Period. I love it because it forced me to think outside the box, because I suffered with the characters, because its clever and beautifully written.
Don’t let the science-fiction tag fool you. There is no spaceships or laser guns or robots. This one is about time traveling; which probably makes it deserve more the title of speculative-fiction. However, no matter what genre we tag this book with, the category is irrelevant, as the novel is captivating and grasping from the very first lines. Butler’s apparent clean and simple style just keeps you turning pages, wondering what you are gonna experience next. Because this book teaches you a lot by giving you the kind of emotion and feeling you couldn’t believe was possible to feel through second-hand experience. And you see yourself learning as the character does, you feel immersed in her experience, almost there with her as she goes back and forth in time.
Just don’t let other people talk to you about it and get a copy and start reading. You’ll love it.


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